Environmental and Social Policy

The Group has an environmental and social policy addressing the importance of those issues in the day-to-day running of the business, which is detailed below.

Environmental policy

There are five main areas of the environmental policy:


  • An independent environmental report is required for all potential acquisitions, which considers, amongst other matters, the historic and current usage of the site and the extent of any contamination present.
  •  Consideration is given in the design process of development and refurbishment projects to the choice of materials used to avoid the use of materials that are hazardous to health or damaging to the environment.
  •  An ongoing examination of the business activities of existing and new tenants is carried out to prevent pollution risks occurring. The Group monitors all incoming tenants through its insurance programme to identify potential risk, and high-risk business activities are avoided. As part of the active management of the portfolio any change in tenant business practice considered to be an environmental hazard is reported and suitably dealt with.
  •  All sites are visited at least annually and any obvious environmental issues are reported to the Board.
  •  All leases prepared after the adoption of the policy will commit occupiers to observe any environmental regulations.


Any problems are referred to the Managing Director immediately and the Board of Directors at the next Board meeting.

Social policy

The activities of the Group are carried out in a responsible manner, taking into account the social impact. The two main areas of social impact have been identified as planning and developments/refurbishments.


The Group considers the impact on the surrounding areas and communities where planning permissions are to be submitted and considers the legitimate concerns of interested parties as part of the process.

Developments and refurbishments

Development and refurbishment projects are subcontracted. The Group monitors the works, directly and in conjunction with project managers on larger projects, to ensure they are carried out in accordance with relevant guidelines and laws. All subcontractors are assessed to ensure that they have sufficient resources to meet legal requirements.

Review and responsibility

The Social and Environmental policy, which applies to all companies in the Group, is reviewed annually as part of the Group’s Risk Committee meetings. Justin Parker has main Board responsibility for social and environmental issues. Responsibility for health and safety, equal opportunities and business ethics is given to the whole Board.