Subsidiary Companies

A & J Mucklow Group plc is registered in England and Wales with company number 717658. A & J Mucklow Group plc is the parent company of the A & J Mucklow Group of companies, which consists of the following subsidiary companies:

Company Name Registration Number
A & J Mucklow & Co Limited00384508
Barr’s Industrial Limited00506476
A & J Mucklow (Halesowen) Limited04848576
A & J Mucklow (Properties) Limited00758764
A & J Mucklow (Birmingham) Limited00650981
A & J Mucklow (Investments) Limited 01057385
Penbrick Limited04300477
A & J Mucklow (Estates) Limited00757321
A & J Mucklow (Lancashire) Limited00758763
A and J Mucklow (Lands) Limited 00502440
Belfont Homes (Birmingham) Limited00716333
A & J Mucklow (Callowbrook Estate) Limited00562498
A & J Mucklow (Ettingshall Estate) Limited00564254
A & J Mucklow (Nominees) Limited01232337
A & J Mucklow (Wollescote Estate) Limited00562499

All companies are registered in England and Wales with the registered office at 60 Whitehall Road, Halesowen, West Midlands, B63 3JS.