Star gate Birmingham

The Group's history began in 1933 in the West Midlands when the present Chairman's great uncle Albert and his late grandfather Jothan entered into partnership to build houses. It was at the time of the depression; nevertheless, the business prospered (and its reputation grew) on the basis of supplying remarkably high quality housing at reasonable prices. So much so, that to this day the advertising columns of the local press can regularly be seen to specify "Mucklow Built" as an undoubted selling point in respect of residential property in the West Midlands area.

During World War II, when house building virtually had to be suspended, the Group contributed to the war effort by carrying out earth moving contracts to build aerodromes. After the war, house building recommenced. The Group has built well over 20,000 homes.

In 1962 the Group went public and obtained its Stock Exchange quotation. During the intervening years the emphasis increasingly changed from the original house building activity to that of investing and developing in industrial, commercial and retail properties.

House building ceased in the 1990s and the property portfolio has been upgraded and restructured. Many of the older, secondary industrial estates have been sold. The Group has also invested outside its traditional base of the West Midlands,  particularly in the South East and invested in offices and retail property.

As at 30 June 2015 the Group had net assets of over £268m. The property portfolio was valued at over £349m with around 67% being industrial.

Despite the expansion of the business, a "family" atmosphere is still present. The children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of the two founders now number more than 60 and most of them are shareholders. The Mucklow family today still owns a substantial proportion of the Group's Ordinary share capital.